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Overwrapping Machine (Standard)

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Product Description

Standard Type: with feeding conveyor and quicker changeover system.


Suitable for outer over wrapping of CD/DVD box, stationery, condom box, playing card, cigarettes box, perfume box, cosmetic box, drugs box, candy and chocolate box...etc.


Drug box and condom box...etc.


Note Pad and playing card


Cosmetic and perfume boxes


CD/DVD boxes


1. Machine drived by cam mechanic system, stable and easy of operation and maintenance. 

2. Wrapping materials: Cellophane, KOP, BOPP(OPP) and heat-sealable film or paper.

3. Enclosed quicker changeover system for different product sizes easy adjustment.

4. Equipped with optional stacker or collating system to save manpower and increase production. 


1. Tear tape system.
2. Photo-Cell device control.
3. Dot side seals.
4. Size change tools.
5. Multi-Box feeding system.
6. Slitting system for film width.
7. Safety door with interlock.
8. Strengthen side seals hot press device. (
9. Hot press shrink device. (PM-803C)
10. Shrink tunnel.(ASM-501A)
11. Stacker (PM-805
12. Feeding Hopper.

           proimages/product/Overwrapping_Machine/samples/box_drawing_x.y.z(a_square).jpg             proimages/product/Overwrapping_Machine/samples/box_drawing_x.y.z(oblong).jpg   

 Specification   PM-808A   PM-808B   PM-808C 
 Packing Dimensions-X(mm)   50-200mm   50-200mm   50-200mm 
 Packing Dimensions-Y(mm)  30-100mm  55-160mm  55-160mm
 Packing Dimensions-Z(mm)  10-50mm  10-50mm  30-80mm
 Packing Capacity  30-50 packs/min   30-50 packs/min   20-40 packs/min 
 Heater  1 KW  1 KW  1 KW
 Motor  1/4 HPx1,60Wx1   1/4 HPx1,60Wx1   1/4 HPx1,60Wx1 
 Machine Size  LxWxH (mm)  1630x2640x1830   1630x2640x1830   1630x2640x1880 
 Wooden Case Size
 LxWxH (mm) 
 N.W.  680, 100kgs  680, 100kgs  680, 100kgs
 G.W.  800, 200kgs  800, 200kgs  800, 200kgs